5 Wealth Fulfilling Prophecies


We tend to be uneasy with ourselves when we let our minds fill with self-defeating predictions. In some of us, this happens before a high-stake standardized examination preventing our knowledge and experience that took us great effort to build, from shining through.

Some of us practice this so often that we overpower ourselves as it concerns our social, professional, physical, emotional and monetary characteristics.

Truth is it is quite easy to do bad than to do good; bringing this down a bit, it is easy to substitute junk foods in place of healthy and delicious foods. In the wake of this understanding, let’s bid farewell to wealth-defeating and give a warm welcome to wealth-fulfilling prophecies.

1Every success comes with multiple failures. I fail until I succeed

From the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Failures defeat losers. Failures inspire winners.” We should gather strength and courage from our mistakes and failures, as counter-intuitive as it seems. We should get up exactly where we fall, and have others hear about our defeats as it helps them draw more strength from us.

2I work to learn not to earn

If our labor is just for monetary gains, we can't attain our peak in education, experience, and productivity. This holds very true for me in becoming a podiatrist. If it wasn’t for always learning something knew and feeling fulfilled then why would I give up my peak earning years going into debt only to spend 3 more years as a resident making the same as I do now teaching high school in a low-income district, but instead working 80 hours a week.

3I work to be of service to my community

If we want to be successful in all aspects of our lives, not excluding our finance, we must focus on serving others. Yes, we'll benefit from others, but we must find ways we can benefit others as well. Helping others has always helped me and it is a true process of self-discovery. Furthermore, to build real rewarding connection one should ask themselves, “what can I bring to the table” and not “what can this connection do for me”.

4Money should work for us

When one channels their personal or borrowed money to invest in assets like index funds or rental properties it is not out of place to say that their money is working for them. I focus on buying assets first and then liabilities. Once my assets earn enough to afford the liabilities I crave (nice new motorcycle) I am ok with purchasing them.

5Luck is preparing for an unforeseen opportunity

Luck is inevitable when we prepare, keep watch, and seize any slightest opportunity that comes our way. We shouldn’t be bothered when others attribute our successes to just a mere chance. Be ecstatic when you are fully prepared to seize any opportunity, and keep watching for the next one!

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