Advertise With Us

If you think your company or website would be a good fit with this blog, consider purchasing an ad on the blog. I’ve found the best locations for private purchase ads are in the widgets, such as the column on the right-hand side of this page.  In this case your ad can be found on EVERY page of the site.

Do you allow anyone to advertise here?

If I have any hesitation in recommending an advertiser to my readers I will not consider placing an ad regardless of the fee. I can control private ad placements, unlike google AdSense and I feel an ethical responsibility to my readers to not advertise for companies or websites that are likely harmful to their financial health.

How much will it cost to advertise here?

The going rate for ads varies by location of ad, size of ad and site traffic.

How do I pay for ads?

I require a minimum of a 180-day placement for widget ads, and if paid in advance for the entire period, I will guarantee your price for a year. Prices will rise as site traffic rises. I prefer a flat price rather than a pay-per-click arrangement as it makes both my revenues and your expenses predictable. I accept payment by snail mail check, or via PayPal.

What do I need to do?

Contact Us at [email protected]