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Hello, and welcome to Ways To Build Wealth. If you’re looking to save more and learn the best practices of investing then you have come to the right place.

My aim with tis blog is to chronical my own financial journey while sharing everything I learn to help you. My successes and failures will be here for you to learn from in a take what you need and leave the rest manner.

While you can attempt to make your own way to financial freedom, I will caution my readers that there is a general path that fits the needs of most. At this blog, there will be everything from basic investing information to the more complicated tax strategies.

When I first started getting my finances in order, I was very overwhelmed. Often, I found what I needed on the internet, but I had to go from one website to another as I learned more. Frustrated by this I felt compelled to make my own site and make the lives of others easier by putting the most relevant information regarding financial literacy in one place.

I didn’t have a well off family or friends to guide me, so my only option was to read as many personal finance books and magazines I could get my hands on.

After being humbled a few times in my life and I am no fool to think I have all the answers. I'm just an average guy and not some financial God. It took time for me to learn everything I know, but it was worth it.

Investing, building wealth for the future, and having financial security are such critical skills to have — one that affects every part of our daily life.

By creating this blog, I hope you not only read, but use it. More importantly, I hope you act today

Are you wondering where a good place to start is? Then you are in the right place. Begin with…

  1. Getting Rid of Consumer debt
  2. Begin investing up to your employer match for retirement accounts.
  3. Create an Investment plan (Asset Allocation)
  4. Avoid the tax man, but don’t evade
  5. Reduce fees
  6. Start a side business for tax breaks and increased income along with income diversification