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married filing jointly

Married Filing Jointly: Should You Change Your Filing Status?

Most married couples choose the "married filing jointly" status when filing income taxes. But is this the best option for you? Let's look at what the status means for your tax bill.
Living Will

Living Will Or Advance Directive?

A living will is a legal document hat spells out your medical wishes should you be incapacitated and unable to voice them. Learn several steps for creating a living will in this article.
A blog graphic with the title" What Income Level is Considered Rich"

What Income is Considered Rich?

When President Obama was in office he considered single people making over $200,000 to be rich. You might recall that the President specifically called for...
tax loss harvesting

Tax Loss Harvesting: When and How You Should Do It

What is tax loss harvesting? Using losses from your investments, you can actually modify your adjusted gross income. Here's a summary of when and how to use this cost savings technique.
health savings account

Use a Health Savings Account (HSA) to Build Wealth

Do you have a health savings account? You can use that account to better your financial situation. Learn what an HSA is and how you can make it work for you.
financial risk

Understanding Financial Risk: What You Need To Know

The amount of financial risk that's appropriate for you may depend on your age and other factors. So what is financial risk, and how much should you be willing to take? To learn more, read on.

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